Diet and Weight Loss

Are you having trouble staying motivated with your weight loss?

This is an interesting graphic with some tips that may help you. These tips were put together to try and make the challenge of losing weight a little easier.

Winning at Weight Loss

Don’t get discouraged by the idea of dieting. The suggestions made here should be kind of easy to follow. There is no statement saying that you cannot have sugar, or that all of your food should be proteins and “healthy” fats.

Putting into perspective how much you are consuming of each will help you to better balance you diet to allow the weight to come off quicker.

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Workout Routines Can Change Your Life

As we get older our lives get busier. Many live with the daily demands of a family and a full-time job. This takes a lot of energy and often, there doesn’t seem to be any time left for yourself. We know that we should be taking better care of ourselves, but who has the time? Workout routines are long and exhausting – as if a home, a family and a full-time job aren’t exhausting enough!

Did you know that it’s a scientific fact that when we reach 40, the aging process accelerates markedly?

Did you also know that we have the ability of slowing or even reversing this aging? By providing our bodies with the right nutrients and the proper exercise, we have the ability to slow the aging process and to look up to 10 years younger – naturally.

Do you ever wonder what is in those anti-aging supplements, what chemicals they are feeding you with the promise of slowing the aging process? Are they having any hidden ill-effects that we will find out about in the years to come? Are they really worth the risk?

Whether you are dealing with premature aging, or would like to be able to reverse aging signs that you are seeing, or even just slow the aging process, workout routines can change your life. A good workout routine is the best natural way to slow down or even reverse the aging process.

Your bodies production of anti-aging compounds will naturally increase as you work to improve your level of fitness. This natural production is what helps you to look years younger.

A proper workout routine is one that is designed to get you into good shape, without working you so hard  that you are encouraging stress-injuries. Stress-injuries can be extremely painful and take months to heal.

The F4X training system is the best at home workout because it is based on these principals. The low-impact workout assures that there is no joint-stress. It is a program of both diet and exercise that slows down the aging process and gets you looking up to 10 years younger.

Although the F4X system gives excellent results in all age groups, it was designed for for those over 35. The entire system takes only 90 minutes of your time each week.

It is split into 3 phases to allow you to decide how far you want to take your fitness level.

Phase 1 is the F4X Lean. This is the starting point for everyone and it is designed to introduce you to the exercises and help you burn excess body fat.

Phase 2 is the F4X Shape. This optional phase helps you build higher levels of muscle and body toning. This will give a woman that sculpted, muscular look.

Phase 3 is the F4X Build. Another optional phase. This one is designed to help you build some serious muscle. You can expect to gain 15 to 30 pounds of muscle with the exercises in this phase. This phase is most often appealing to men since the majority of women are not interested in the muscle bulk that can be obtained.

No matter which phase you choose to stay with, you will reap all of the benefits of this potent system. How many workout routines can make the claims of low-impact and natural anti-aging effects.

Check it out today and begin your journey to looking younger and being more fit than you have ever been before!

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Strength Training Can Cause Stress Injuries

Strength TrainingEvery year, many people experience some type of stress injury. Strength training can cause stress injuries, some of these can be quite serious. Most times, those that are training don’t even realize that they are lifting too much weight, or that their form is not correct to support the weight that they are lifting. This will cause stress injuries because the joints are not designed to support the types of weights or movements that are happening.

The saying “no pain – no gain” is misleading. The pain that is experienced when exercising should be in the muscles, not the joints. Pain in the joints is not beneficial, it is a sign of a stress injury. No matter how slight this joint pain is, it is a serious indication that something is wrong.

Often, these injuries can require surgery or, at the least, extended healing times. They are most often very painful and can take months to recover fully. This means that any strength training must be put on hold until the injury has healed, adding to the time that it will take to see results.

Wikipedia refers to these stress injuries as “repetitive strain injuries“. The definition states “… refer to several discrete conditions that can be associated with repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression, or sustained/awkward positions…” The list of causes includes sports injuries.

The forceful exertions and sustained/awkward positions are both concerns when strength training. Mostly because often times someone wanting to improve their fitness level using strength training will start working out using heavy weights without proper training in form and technique.

Stress injuries can be avoided while improving fitness and muscle strength by using a low-impact workout. A low-impact workout is one that is designed to strain the muscles, not the joints.

This is exactly what the low-impact, high-resistance weightlifting in the F4X workout system is about. It allows you to achieve the fitness, muscle strength and weight loss that will have you turning heads in no time without the worry of stress injuries that is associated with heavy weightlifting.

It is a workout that will push your muscles to their limits, creating the “pain” that is associated with muscle growth while giving you a workout that will accelerate fat burning.

The low-impact aspect means that the workout is designed so that your joints are not pushed to their limits. The high-resistance is the part that is aimed directly at the muscles straining to continue. It’s the straining of the muscles that causes growth. This combination means a safer, more effective workout without stress injuries.

Find out more about how to modify your strength training to keep from developing stress injuries.

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Learn How to Lose Weight Fast

Check out our latest in an ongoing F4X video series teaching you to tone your body while you lose weight fast. This fitness program was originally designed to help the Hollywood stars quickly get into shape.

Brought to us by Steve Holman (who also happens to be the editor-in-chief of Iron Man magazine). With the addition of 3 recipe books, the F4X program will certainly help even the fussiest eaters to find healthy, delicious meals that quickly round out any diet plan.

See our video at:

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Extremely Simple Fat Loss

Extremely simple fat loss

Image courtesy of julosstock

“Extremely Simple Fat Loss” is the diet system that goes along with the F4X workout system. It is a diet that is designed specifically to help men and women who have tried every other kind of “diet” – and failed.

This key to weight loss shows you how to take a few simple tips that are proven to work… all you need to do is stick with them for at least 21 days. The 21 day goal is just enough time to make them an “automatic” part of your daily routine.

You see, the common advice of “eat less” is actually a deterrent to losing weight. These diets cause us to gain more weight from fat while we lose what lean muscle we had.

It is a direct result of this diet advice that 95% of dieters fail! These starvation methods cause you to give up out of sheer hunger. As if that’s not bad enough, the over-eating that follows causes us to gain back every bit that we managed to lose – and usually more.

This is not a miracle weight loss fix. And just because it is a “simple” diet plan, that doesn’t meant that it’s easy.

Someone attempting to lose weight will try as many as 5 diets in a year. In the U.S. alone, we spend over 85 million on weight loss each year.

Isn’t it time that you got off the weight loss merry-go-round and tried an honest, human diet that doesn’t require giving up your favorite foods?

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F4X Workout – Resistance Training For Women

What is resistance training and is resistance training for women different than for men? These are some of the questions that you may ask yourself when you are considering a fitness program.

These workouts use an “opposing force” to exercise your muscles. Whether you use resistance bands, free weights (dumbbells), a weight bench or other equipment for this opposing force, it all falls under the same name. It used to be called weight-lifting, but the image that it conjured wasn’t appealing to women so most often, women shied away.

The name was changed so that women would be more comfortable getting involved. No matter what you choose to call it, the benefits of resistance training for women are important. Toning your muscles is an important way to improve not only your self-image, but also your physical health.

The difference for women is that lighter weights – or less resistance – is used to tone than is used to build muscular bodies. Since the majority of women become involved in resistance training to tone, they should not be using the kind of weights that men would use to bulk up.

Repetition is the key. Using lighter weights and a well-defined repetition pattern, the muscles are quick to respond.

Another key item is to perform each exercise correctly. Starting a training program without the knowledge of the proper moves can cause extreme soreness as the muscles try to respond to the movements by over-contracting or fighting to do what is being asked of them.

Strained muscles, sore joints, overworked tendons… These are not a “benefit” of any training program.

– Lighter weights
– A defined repetition pattern
– Properly performed movements

Using just these 3 things and being consistent, you can easily get and keep a well toned body.

By taking your fitness seriously, you can reap all the benefits:

– Imagine being proud of your body, of smiling when you look into the mirror.
– You should be able to do an entire series of resistance exercises in less than 90 minutes a week.
– Muscle burns more calories. The better toned the muscle, the more calories that it will burn.
– No more “muffin top”
– No more sagging breasts or buttocks.
– No more “wings” that continue to wave after you’ve stopped.
– A stronger, healthier body.

Another benefit that may not have occurred to you is that your heart and lungs are also muscles. As long as your healthy to start with, exercising should help to improve the health of each of these as well.

Of course, depending on your age and your health, you should always check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.

Resistance programs for women are not designed to be overly strenuous. They should consist of a series of short repetitive exercises designed to work each of your muscle groups.

These exercises are designed to tone and shape your body and improve your strength. Why not take advantage of a fitness program that is designed to be the best gift that you will ever give yourself?

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F4X Workout – The Need For Water

Drink Ice Water

Image courtesy of Ale_Paiva

It’s a well-known fact that most Americans don’t drink enough water. The body’s need for water makes sense since such a big portion of our bodies are water.

When you exercise, the body’s need for water increases greatly. There are several ways that you can increase the amount of water that you drink without standing around guzzling down a glass or feeling like you are forcing yourself.

– Carry a bottle of water with you and drink from it as you go about your day.

– Replace 1 beverage a day with a bottle or glass of water.

– Keep a bottle or small glass of water on your nightstand and sip from it when you wake at night.

– Put water on the table at meals. Adding a glass of water will help encourage you to drink some of it. An added bonus it that this will also encourage your family to drink more water.

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty your body has already lost at least 2 cups of fluid? Getting into the routine of adding water to your diet will do good things for your health.

* Water helps flush toxins from your body. This means you should see fewer infections.

* Drinking cold water burns calories. Even though your body needs water, it needs for it to be warm to benefit from it. Working to warm the water, your body naturally burns calories. If you don’t refrigerate water, simply add a few ice cubes to gain this benefit.

* There are no calories associated with drinking water. Nothing that you will need to burn off, what a great boost to your fitness program!

None of this is new information. We all know that we should be drinking more water. Somehow, this isn’t enough to encourage us to do it.

If you are serious about a fitness program, the easiest way to give yourself a boost is to start by working on the need for water and adding more water to your daily routine.

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F4X Workout – Weight Lifting Routines

Weight Lifting Routines

Image courtesy of Ayla87

Would you like to be able to fit into that bikini, or feel good about removing your shirt at the beach?

You can have a muscular look in less time than you may think and maintain it for life. This doesn’t take soft-tissue damage or as much work as you think, if you train smart.

Lifting smart means training efficiently, in safest and fastest ways to build muscle and burn fat.

The Old School New Body system is a weight lifting program, designed for those 35 and over, with 2 goals. The first of these is to support your health and well being; the second is helping you to achieve a physique that you’ll be proud of.

Moderate-weight, high-fatigue training with short rests between sets burns more fat and pumps up your muscles quickly.

You are using a weight that you can get 15 reps, but you only do 10, then rest 30 seconds, and do it again, until you get four sets. For the fourth set, you go to failure. If you get 10 reps on your fourth set, you increase the weight on the exercise at your next workout.

By following this system, you’ll get some small strand muscle damage. As the body recovers from this “damage”, extra energy is burned. That energy process burns body fat!

This fat burning is the real reason to try for some muscle soreness after working out. This healing process or recovery period is usually several days.

Even as you age this system works. Because this system also helps increase the production of hormones that slow the aging process, it is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.

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F4X Workout – How to Get a Model Body

Summer’s coming…

Are you in the shape you want to be in?

Chances are you answered no, that’s what brought you here.

Hi Anna here,

If you’re wondering how to get a model body, with a method that won’t kill you, you’ve come to the right spot!

Because this is my uncensored F4X Workout story.

The ups, the downs; the stuff that didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my personal goal of toning my body. Of finally being able to look in the mirror and smile.

When I started trying different fitness programs, I was slightly overweight and out of shape. Looking in the mirror did nothing but make me see it, going to work made me feel it.

You see, I’m a 54 year old woman with a very physical job. I work outside, in all kinds of weather.

You may think that would be enough. That I wouldn’t need a fitness program to get or stay in shape, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Because of the nature of the job, there is a gym available to us free-of-charge at work. At one point, they even had a personal trainer on staff. We can use the gym any time that we are not on shift. Many of the people that I work with show up on days off, or hours early for work to be able to use the gym.

This doesn’t work for me. There’s so much going on in my life that I have never been able to fit in the extra 45 minutes that it takes me to drive one direction to the gym on days off.

I have tried a gym membership closer to home, with the same result. Just couldn’t fit it in to my schedule. At least, not on a regular basis.

So, I went the other way and invested in several pieces of home equipment. Now the proud owner of a BowFlex™, a Gazzelle™ and even a Little Gym™. I used them faithfully and had developed a full routine that was an excellent workout.

Each of these pieces gives an excellent workout, but they also take up a great deal of floor space. When my daughter moved home with her children, the children got the floor space.

WII Fit and Dance Party, PX90 and Zumba…
Again the children win. Either the TV or the floor space, even too late at night – it doesn’t matter, the result is the same.

So, like many equipment owners, each piece that I had so carefully chosen is now folded up or in pieces being stored! It was quite some time before I again looked in the mirror and was unhappy with what I saw. Again, looking for a fitness routine that would fit in with my current lifestyle.

FINALLY! I came across a system called Old School New Body.

The thing about f4x training systems that is different than other weight lifting programs is that the movements in this workout are paced. When you lift, instead of the normal up / down, you use a up / lower slowly movement to add the much needed resistance to the workout. I have always liked this method of working out, it just feels like it does more for you.

The muscle damage and soreness that results from the up and down type of workout is not as much a part of this type of workout. Any soreness that you experience is from much smaller tears and actually working the muscles instead of deep damage that occurs with most weightlifting programs.

Less muscle damage means fewer aches and less healing time! It also means that you can get on with your life without having the pain and discomfort that we have all come to expect with weight lifting routines. The workout times are shorter because of the advantage that the slower movements have on your body.

While I haven’t been using the F4X Workout long enough yet to have completely achieved the results that I am looking for, I am well on my way.

Why not leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Have you tried the F4X workout system?

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